We represent private companies, entrepreneurs and investors in strategic business transactions, new business formation and organization, and mergers and acquisitions. Our practice focuses on working closely with business principals to help them achieve their objectives in an efficient, practical way.

We tailor our services to the particular needs of our clients. The firm provides services on an hourly basis as well as under agreements providing for capped fees, flat fees and for a monthly retainer. We invite clients and prospective clients to meet with us to discuss the fee arrangements that work best for their businesses and their particular legal matters.

For closely-held private companies and non-US businesses we offer outside general counsel services and US-general counsel services.

Please see the descriptions of our Outside General Counsel Services, US General Counsel Services and Startup General Counsel Services. Call us or email us for our current hourly rate information and fixed fee schedules.

U.S. General Counsel

We will often represent businesses that are based outside of the United States, in connection with their business operations located inside the United States.

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Startup General Counsel

For startups and early-stage companies, we offer affordable outside counsel services to help with all aspects including formation, organization, seed financing and more.

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Outside General Counsel

From small to mid-market companies, we provide representation for business transactions and ongoing corporate and intellectual property compliance matters.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

We also represent M&A transactions. Our experience includes the buying and selling side with deal values ranging from fire sales (under $1 million) to $100 million.

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