With the ABA cyberspace law commitee, I organized a conference in Austin, focusing on new and developing cyberlaw issues.  Highlights included new lessons in cyberterrorism prevention, recent cases dealing with the copyright work-for-hire doctrine and start-up tech companies, new strategies in dealing with domain name conflicts and anonymous online infringers, and new ways of thinking about privacy rights in genetic information, and some of the privacy issues surrounding the new “smart meters” being promoted by large utilites and adopted in communities around teh US. We were joined by several folks representing a piece of the Austin tech community, including several representatives of Dell, a longstanding Austin presence, and Facebook, which recently opened an Austin campus.  We heard from both, including how Dell has been a leader in the use of social media, and some of the challenges confronting Facebook as its user base expands dramatically in many offshore jurisdictions.

The committee next held programs for the ABA business section in Boston in April and the big ABA conference in August in Toronto with programming addressing:

  • Is there a uniform US federal standard for reasonable data security measures?
  • New litigation strategies for Internet disputes;
  • Analyzing cloud computing license rights.