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Monthly Archives: June 2011


Privacy and Data Security’s ever-expanding Regulatory Oversight:  Move over FTC commissioners, here comes the CFPB

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and particularly Title X, known as the "Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010", creates a new agency, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, established within the Federal Reserve System, which "shall regulate the offering and provision of consumer financial products or services under the Federal consumer [...]

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Internet startupland redux:  how do I get seed/early capital, fast? 

What we hear all the time:  I need the money to ramp up my startup, I need to get it quickly, and I need access to the right angels and early-stage VCs. Just like back in the Internet glory (inglorious?) days of the late 90s startups seem to be launching right and left, and many [...]

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Can you Spam or can’t you?  CAN-SPAM and California’s CANNOT-SPAM laws

Many of us may have thought that, despite the advent of a federal statute governing commercial email, the CAN-SPAM law of 2003, spam or, to use the neutral term, unsolicited commercial email, was regulated not prohibited.  All that is needed is some care to appropriately use unsubscribe / opt-out language, using working links and addresses [...]

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