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New Delaware decision: Do  LLCs give management greater protection against creditors than they would have in a corporation? 

More LLCs are formed in the US each year than corporations and partnerships combined. The reason:  maximum flexibility in profit sharing (LLCs allow corporate-type liquidation preferences or partnership-type profits interests), pass-through taxation (as in partnerships and S corporations), and the potential to reduce fiduciary duties or even to eliminate them (as has been suggested for [...]

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TechCrunch Disrupt – Day 3 tidbits:  Diller on Net Neutrality, Mobile Payments, Mobile Ads, and Disconcerting Social Networking Apps

The SF economy was humming at the Concourse Exhibition Center on Brannan Street last week, during the 3 days ofTechCrunch Disrupt.  The cavernous, stretched-out room was full, plenty of milling around was going on around the exhibition space where a dozen or so startups had set up shop, and the action on the main stage, [...]

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